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A little bit about me...

My passion for re-imagining furniture came about when I painted my late grandmother’s sideboard. It was a lovely piece of furniture, in great condition and I could not bear for it to go to the tip - but it just didn’t suit the style of my home décor. So I spent hours and hours researching and learning how to upcycle, painted it, changed the handles and transformed it into a modern contemporary statement piece which now has pride of place in my home office.  And my passion soon turned into a business.

So many pieces of furniture end up at landfill for the same reason – they no longer suit modern homes. But they have so many years of life left in them – vintage and antique furniture especially as the build quality is incredible. In this throw away society, it makes me so happy to be able to contribute to a more sustainable way of life. All my pieces are lovingly restored and my heart smiles when they find their way to their new homes and begin a new chapter.

I hope you love my work as much as I do.

Victoria x   

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